Newsletter for Trinity Sunday

Parish Finance in Lockdown Crisis

Many thanks to all who have handed in envelopes and donations during lockdown. It has made a great difference to the finances of the different parishes. Could you please continue to post your donations through the door of St. Mary’s Chapel House. Many thanks indeed.


Masses for next week

Due to the recent outbreak of Covid in the area, we have been advised to have no weekday masses next week. This will give the churches and the church cleaners, a bit of breathing space to get organised for next weekend. Thanks for your continued co-operation, please stay safe.


Streaming of masses

For those still unable to attend mass, we will continue to stream mass on “Friends of St. Mary’s” Facebook site.



George O’ Neill, Joan Bremner, May Macdonald, Linda Hunter, Mark Stokes, Norman Macinnes, Teresa Archibald, Margharita Morrison, Chrissie Cameron, Charles Kennedy, Mima Macdonald, Patricia Hogg, John Macdonald, Allan Rose.


St. Mary and St. Finnan, Glenfinnan

After a short meeting in Glenfinnan, it was decided that we will have mass on the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s of the month. Our next mass will be Sunday June the 6th at 1.30pm.


Parish News

If there is any news going on in the parishes, please get in touch with Fr. David, and he will add it to the newsletter.


Sick Visits

Due to the recent outbreak of Covid in the area, there will be no home visits to the sick and housebound, unless requested.


Caol Chapel House

Please be aware that when coming to mass, there is no longer access to the church down the house side of the building. Please respect the privacy of the new tenants.


Fabric of Catholic Parishes of Lochaber

We are moving ahead with the work that has to be done in St. Mary’s. We are in the process of getting prices for the professional cleaning of the lead windows, new signage for all the churches. We are also waiting with professional advice on how to deal with the back wall, and then to look at the painting of the church.


We now are waiting for a date to start the cleaning of the church windows.


St. John’s house and Church, The chapel house in St. John’s has been fully painted, and new carpets, and the house is now rented out. We thank Francis for his continued work in the garden. We are hoping to paint some of the outside of the church in the near future.



Some parishioners are looking at the possibility of options for the church car park, we will keep you informed about progress made.


The Sacraments, Letter from Miss Shona Maclean Head, Acting Head St. Columba’s

Last week, I met with Fr. David to talk about preparing our children for the Sacraments. We have come to a mutual decision to begin this in August 2021 with the P4, P5 and P6 children. This way we will have plenty of time to plan, prepare and have the opportunity to have Fr David in the school, which we are currently not allowed to do. Our hope is to arrange something special for the children at the beginning of December for their First Communion and First Confession. In January 2022, we will then turn the focus towards the children in P7 who will be ready to begin their preparations for their Confirmation.


John Cameron R.I.P.

We pray for the repose of the soul of John Cameron, to his family and friends we assure them of our thoughts and prayers. John’s funeral service will be next Friday the 4th of June at 11am.


James Fitzsimmons

James was buried yesterday, we pray for Ruth and his son Hamish, and all we who knew and loved James.