Newsletter for the13th Sunday of the Year A

Masses for next week

·         Monday: No mass

·         Tuesday: 10:00 am mass at St. John’s Caol

·         Wednesday: 10.00am mass at St. Mary’s

·         Thursday:10am mass at St. John’s Caol  

·         Friday: 10.15am mass in St. Mary’s, followed by exposition of the blessed sacrament.

·         Saturday: The Vigil at St. Mary’s at 6pm

·         Sunday: St. John’s at 10am, St. Mary’s at 11.15am and Glenfinnan there will mass on the first and third Sunday’s, 1.30pm.














Ellen Kenny, Angus Kennedy, Clelland Barrie, Daniel Dougan, Margaret MaMaster, Charles McKeown, Louis Boni, John O’ Hare, Andrew Kenny, Michael Deeny, Alexander Macdonald, Gladys White, Charles McKeown, Billy Macleod, Christine Smith, Maisie Mitchell, Ian Macintyre, Molly Macdonald, Margaret MacEachan, Anna Cairns, Johnny O’ Hagan, Linda Michie, Gerry O’ Hagan,

Pilgrimage to Scalan

The Annual Pilgrimage to Scalan takes place today Sunday the 2nd July with Mass outdoors at The Scalan beginning promptly at 4.00pm. Scalan can be found a mile beyond Chapeltown of Glenlivet. An approximate postcode is AB37 9JS. Coaches need to stop half a mile beyond Chapeltown. Cars and minibuses can park very near and are usually willing to take anyone needing a lift.

St. Columba’s School

We wish all the teachers and children a very well-deserved break for the summer. May they come back rested and refreshed.

Visitors to Lochaber

We give a warm Lochaber welcome to those who are visiting us from all different parts of the world and pray that your time with us is refreshing and joyful.

Church Cleaning

St. John’s after 10am mass Thursday 06-July

St. Marys after 10:15 mass Friday 07-July

Thank you to all who help with this important work.

Day for Life

Next Sunday there will be a second collection at all masses for Day for Life. Please be as generous as you can.

Transport to Mass

A number of people have mentioned to me that they cannot get to mass because they have no one to take them. If anyone is in this position, please get in touch with myself or Deacon Thomas, and we will arrange a lift. Fr. David.

Considering becoming a Catholic

If anyone is considering the possibility of becoming a Catholic and coming into full communion with the church do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or Deacon Thomas. Fr. David.

Welcome Surprise

After the recent break in to the Chapel House I lost personal money from my wallet. Parishioners heard about this and had a collection and returned this money back to me this was an extremely kind and thoughtful gesture, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness. Fr. David.