Newsletter for the Epiphany

Parish Finance in Lockdown Crisis

Many thanks to all who have handed in envelopes and donations during lockdown. It has made a great difference to the finances of the different parishes. Could you please continue to post your donations through the door of St. Mary’s Chapel house, Many thanks indeed.


Masses for next week

There will be no masses on Monday and Saturday morning of next week. The morning masses are as follows. Tuesday and Thursday St. John’s Caol 10am, Wednesday and Friday at 10.15am in St. Mary’s. The weekend will be as usual. Vigil 6pm St. Mary’s, Sunday morning 10am, St. John’s Caol, and 11.15am in St. Mary’s, Glenfinnan, there will be mass on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, till further notice.

Streaming of masses

For those still unable to attend mass, we will continue to stream mass on “Friends of St. Mary’s” Facebook site. Masses will only be streamed on a Sunday at 11.15am. There will no longer be daily masses streamed.


Andrew Nisbet, Rowan Macleod, Ryan Moynihan Gillies, Joseph James Rowley, Ian Macdonald, John Maguire, Mary Ann Cameron, Angus Macmillan, Liz Rogan, David McCook, Stephen Lauder, Mary Macdonald, George McFall, David Macpherson, Julia Gibson, Maud McHale, Ronald MacEachan, Harry Deeny, Eileen Cameron, Peggy Cameron, Charles Fitzisimons snr,

Alistair Matheson, Archie Macdonald, Michael McEleney, Flora Buchannan, Ann Marie Donoghue, Graham Goodman, Margaret Anne Childs, Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Gribbon, Ronald Macinnes, Dorothy Anderson, Roderick Macdonald, Mary Margaret Lucas, Neil Gillies, Kate Macdougall, Tony Machugh, Bella Machugh, Kathleen Slattery.


There will be confessions in St. Mary’s every Saturday evening before the Vigil Mass from 5.15pm to 5.45 pm. And on request at any other time.

Altar Servers

If any young person would who has made their first communion, would wish to be an altar server, please contact Deacon Wynne, or Fr. David, at the chapel house on 01397-702174.

St. Mary’s, Fort William

We have now received an estimated figure for the work to make the back wall secure, and the painting of the inside of the church. This will cost approximately £20,000.  I do realise that this not the best time to be asking for money, but this is essential work to the fabric of the church this work will start this Monday the 1st of November. This will mean that all weekday masses will take place in St. John’s until further notice. I am delighted to say that due to a very generous donation, out total is now standing at £11,090. Many thanks indeed.

Prayer Cards for the Synod

There are prayer cards at the back of the church for the Synod. This is an excellent opportunity for each one of us, as baptised Christians to play a deeper role in the life of the church, and to hear and respect your views. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will bring fresh wisdom to our deliberations.

Gift Aid Envelopes, St. Mary’s

There are now Gift Aid envelopes for you to pick up. Please be careful as some of the numbers have changed.

Happy New Year to all our parishioners

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all parishioners a very happy and holy New Year.

Sick and the Housebound

After taking advice we have been advised to leave visiting the sick and the housebound, until the new variant subsides. Any urgent calls will be attended to immediately. Please feel free to phone the Chapel house or Deacon Thomas at any time.

Justice and Peace Sunday

There will be a second collection at all masses for the work of Justice and Peace Scotland. Please be a s generous as you can.

First Reconciliation for the Children doing the online course with Fr. Ronald

Those children who have completed the online course will receive their First reconciliation in St. Mary’s on Friday the 7th of January at 5pm.

R.I.P. Frank Hatch

It is with great sadness we announce the death of Frank Hatch. To Christine Fyfe, and family we offer our love and prayers.