Newsletter for the 3rd Sunday of the Year B

Parish Finance in Lockdown Crisis

Many thanks to all who have handed in envelopes and donations during lockdown. It has made a great difference to the finances of the different parishes. Could you please continue to post your donations through the door of St. Mary’s chapel house. Many thanks indeed.

Masses for next week

There will be no masses on Monday and Saturday morning of next week. The morning masses are as follows, there will be no mass on Tuesday in St. John’s as I have a funeral at 11am in St. Mary’s. There will be mass on Thursday, St. John’s Caol 10am, St. Mary’s, 10.15am, Wednesday and Friday. The weekend will be as usual. Vigil 6pm St. Mary’s, Sunday morning 10am, St. John’s Caol, and 11.15am in St. Mary’s, Glenfinnan, there will be mass on the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s of the month, till further notice.


Charlie Macdonald, Fr. Graham Turner, Archie Macdonald, Thomas Mackinnon, Krystyna Wilk, Charles Connachie, Mary Kate Phillips, John Lindsay, Elizabeth Gribben, John MacMaster, Bernard Kearney, Sister Mary Harrison, Billy Corrigan.

Fr. Donald MacKinnon, Golden Jubilee of Ordination

Fr. Donald has asked me to express his gratitude, at the kindness shown to him on the occasion of his Golden Jubilee. He remembered all parishioners, past and present when he celebrated mass on Thursday.


Those who have been collecting for S.C.I.A.F. throughout Lent, please could you count your own Wee Boxes this year, and send the money direct to, S.C.I.A.F. 7 West Nile Street Glasgow, G1 2PR. This is due to Covid and handling money. Many thanks.

Fabric Committee

There will be a meeting of the Fabric committee in St. Mary’s Church on Wednesday the 21st of April at 7pm. If anyone has anything they wish to see done in the different church’s please do not hesitate to get in touch. Fr. David.

St. Mary and St. Finnan, Glenfinnan

After a short meeting last week in Glenfinnan it was decided that we will have mass on the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s of the month. Our next mass will be Sunday May the 2nd at 1.30pm.

Lectio Divina

Our Lectio group will meet on Zoom on Thursday the 22nd at 7pm, the Gospel is                John 11-18.

Sick Visits

It is hoped that in the near future we will be able to resume our home visits to the sick and housebound. Please inform us if there is anyone who is unable to get to mass and would like a visit. 

Furniture in St. John’s Parish House

There are some items of furniture available as the parish house will be rented out from the 1st of May. 2 chest of drawers, 2 single beds, office desk and chair, filing cabinet, dining room table and chairs, with matching sideboard, several lamps. If anyone is interested in any of the above items, please contact Deacon Thomas.

R.I.P. James (Vic) Macpherson

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Vic Macpherson, to his family and friends we offer our prayers. James’ funeral will take place in St. Mary’s on April the 20th at 11am. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Cap on Worship

The cap on worship will be removed from 26 April. 

Places of worship will be expected to undertake a building assessment to determine capacity. The government is developing new guidance to this end.

The government is considering introducing a requirement for those responsible for buildings to publish the capacity on the front door.

Environmental Health – will become involved if concerns are raised e.g. well over capacity. We have been told that Environmental Health will not be making random or regular inspection visits to premises.