Newsletter for the 3rd Sunday of Lent B

Masses for next week

·         Monday: No Mass

·         Tuesday: Mass St. Mary’s, 10.15am

·         Wednesday: St. Mary’s, 10.15am

·         Thursday: St. Mary’s, 10.15am

·         Friday: Mass at 10:15 mass at St. Mary’s, followed by Exposition.  

·         Saturday: The Vigil at St. Mary’s at 6pm

·         Sunday: St. John’s at 10am, St. Mary’s at 11.15am and Glenfinnan there will mass every Sunday at 1.30pm.



















Anne Langlands, Margaret Macdonald, Alec O’ Hara, Francis Classy, Dom John Mackinnon, Matt Barry, Molly Ferran, Cissie, MacKellaig, Thomas Cameron, Jeannie Thompson, Peggy and Willie Downie, Michael Haggerty, Mary Macleod, Ronnie Macdonald, Nicholas Griffin, Alistair MacKinnon, Michael Masclet, Alasdair Martin, Jadwiga Ballaun, Mathew Barrie,                 Fraser Macphee,

Church Cleaning

St. Mary’s church cleaning will take place on the 8th of March after 10.15am mass and exposition.

Gift Aid declarations and Bank Standing Orders

Thanks, you to all who have filled out a Gift Aid form and standing order, it is much appreciated. Could those who please have not done so already, I encourage you if you can help. These standing orders make a huge difference to the flourishing and continued growth of our parish. Fr. David.

Stations of the Cross

Throughout Lent we will have stations of the cross every Tuesday evening in St. Mary’s. Our next stations will be Tuesday the 5th of March at 6pm.

Chrism Mass

Our Chrism Mass this year will be held on Wednesday the 20th of March in St. Columba’s Cathedral, at 6.30pm. All are most welcome.

Lectio Divina

It is proposed that every Thursday evening during Lent we will meet in St. Mary’s chapel house to discuss and to pray over the gospel reading for the next Sunday. Our next meeting is Thursday the 7th of March at 7pm. Thanks to those who turned up last week.

S.C.I.A.F. Representative Marian Pallister

We welcome Marian Pallister who is with us in St. Mary’s this weekend to talk about the great work that S.C.I.A.F. does. Please make her welcome as you always do to Lochaber.  

Bishop Brian Pastoral Letter

Bishop Brian has sent a pastoral letter. Please pick up one at the back of the church and take it home to read.

St. Columba’s school Family Fortnight

St. Columba’s school is having a family fortnight from Monday the 26th till Friday the 8th of March. Please check the posters and come along and join in and support the school.

First Holy Communions

It has been decided that with such low numbers that there will no first communions till next year.