Newsletter for the 3rd Sunday of Advent B

Masses for next week

·         Monday: No mass

·         Tuesday: 10.15am mass at St. Mary’s

·         Wednesday: 10:15 am mass at St. Mary’s

·         Thursday: 10.15am mass at St. Mary’s

·         Friday: Mass at 10:15 mass at St. Mary’s followed by Exposition.

·         Saturday: The Vigil at St. Mary’s at 6pm

·         Sunday: St. John’s at 10am, St. Mary’s at 11.15am and Glenfinnan there will mass every Sunday at 1.30pm.

















Christmas Masses

St. Mary’s, Christmas Vigil 24th of December 6pm

St. Mary’s, Christmas Day 25th of December 10.30am.


Hazel Paterson, Bernard Cairns, Colin Shepherd, Murial Bender, Andrew Nisbet,             Donald Macmillan, Elizabeth Robertson, Christina Stage, Steven Haggerty, Alec Maclean, John Macdonald, Margaret Gallacher, Bella Macrae, Chrissie Macintyre, Erin McQuade, Lorraine sweeney, Jack Sweeney, Maureen Thompson, Margaret Pryce, Theresa Tumilty,    Nell Holness, Cathie Macdonald,  Alex Macdonald, Anthony Adams, Rita McLaughlin,         George Mulrooney, Charlie McLaughlin, Jan Wegner, Betty Anderson.

Season of Advent

This Sunday starts the great season of Advent, where the church prepares to celebrate Christ’s Nativity, when we recall Christ’s first coming. As we remember so also, we look forward in faith to his Second Coming at the end of time. Advent is a period of joyful hope.

Please do all you can to create a space in your lives at this time, so that when Christmas comes upon us, we can enter fully into the mystery of the incarnation.

Bishop Brian’s Advent Talk

Thanks to Bishop Brian for his excellent talk last week, and many thanks to all who turned out.

St. Mary’s, Decorating the Church for Christmas

Many thanks to all who made the effort in decorating the church for Christmas it was much appreciated.

Blessing of the Crib

This Sunday the 17th of December at 11.15am mass in St. Mary’s we will bless the crib. The more families and children that come along, make a huge difference.

Advent and Christmas Dates

Please take a sheet with the dates for Advent and Christmas, it has all the dates on it.

Sick and Housebound

All the sick and housebound will be visited of the Christmas period. If you know of anyone who would like a visit, please don’t hesitate to call Fr. David or Deacon Thomas.

Christmas Good wishes

Deacon Thomas and I would like to wish all those who are going away a very blessed and holy Christmas, and a safe journey. We look forward to welcoming you back in the New Year.