Newsletter for the 27th Sunday of the Year B




Streaming of masses

For those still unable to attend mass, we will continue to stream mass on “Friends of St. Mary’s” Facebook site. Masses will only be streamed on a Sunday at 11.15am. There will no longer be daily masses streamed.


George Macfarlane, Jessie Fitzsimons, Mary McCarthy, Janet McCafferey, Archie Macleod, John Macauley, Charlene Maselet, Carmen Mages, Alan Smith, Dolllie Macdonald, Colin MacMillan, Scott Brady, Angus Macpherson, Larry Lenkas, Edward Dominic Reuill, Peter Murphy.

Sick Visits

We managed to get round all the sick in Fort William last week, and will visit Caol next week, anyone wishing a visit please let us know.


There will be confessions in St. Mary’s every Saturday evening before the Vigil Mass from 5.15pm to 5.45 pm. And on request at any other time.


Those children who do not attend St. Columba’s and are due to receive the sacraments, that is Primary Four and above, please get in touch with     Fr. David.

Due to restrictions with Covid, this year there will be a Diocesan Sacramental Programme, which will be led by Fr. Ronald Campbell. This will start on Thursday the 9th of September with a Parent and Child Enrolment at 7pm. All candidates must register before the 1st of September to, Fr. Ronald at,

St. Columba’s School

The children of St. Columba’s started their preparation for the sacraments this week. We thank Kevin Cameron for his work with teaching the children music. We ask that you keep them in your prayers at this most important time for them.

New Church Members

Recently there have been a number of enquiries from people wishing to join the church. Please feel free to approach Fr. David, or Deacon Thomas.

Covid Measures in the Churches

Covid measures have changed and relaxed slightly, but we have decided to keep all the current measures in place just to make sure everyone is kept safe and well.

Railings in St. Mary’s Fort William

You will see that work has started on the new railings at St. Mary’s, we look forward to seeing them completed in the next few weeks.

St. Mary’s, Fort William

We have now received an estimated figure for the work to make the back wall secure, and the painting of the inside of the church. This will cost approximately £20,000.  I do realise that this not the best time to be asking for money, but this is essential work to the fabric of the church.  and it is hoped that it will start around the end of October. We will set up a separate fund to finance the project.

St. John’s Caol Church and Sacristy

The church and sacristy, are in need of a clearance before the winter. It is proposed that this will be done on Wednesday the 6th of October at 7pm. If we could have as many hands as possible. Thank you. Fr. David.