Newsletter for the 22nd Sunday of the Year A

Masses for next week

·         Monday: No mass

·         Tuesday: 10:00 am mass at St. John’s Caol.

·         Wednesday: 10.15am mass at St. Mary’s

·         Thursday: 10am mass at St. John’s Caol  

·         Friday: 10.15am St. Mary’s

·         Saturday: The Vigil at St. Mary’s at 6pm

·         Sunday: St. John’s at 10am, St. Mary’s at 11.15am and Glenfinnan there will mass on the first and third Sunday’s, 1.30pm.















Billy Macdonald, Patsy Duncan, Barbara Mackenzie, Kelly Macdonald, Roddy MacNeil,      Agnes Currie, Jessie Monk, Sister Oswin, Jimmy Mackellaig, Chrissie McCormick,               Peter Macdonald, Peggy Macaskill, Bella Macpherson, Colin Clark, Thomas Shaw, Cathie Wood, Francis Ward, Freddie Stephen.

Childrens Liturgy

We are delighted to have our Childrens Liturgy back. Thankyou to the parents, children and those who help.

Church Cleaning

Church cleaning will take place on Thursday the 7th of September after mass in St. John’s Caol. And Friday the 8th of September after mass in St. Mary’s, Fort William. Thanks so much to all who help.

Visitors to Lochaber

We give a warm Lochaber welcome to those who are visiting us from all different parts of the world and pray that your time with us is refreshing and joyful.

Transport to Mass

A number of people have mentioned to me that they cannot get to mass because they have no one to take them. If anyone is in this position, please get in touch with myself or Deacon Thomas, and we will arrange a lift. Fr. David.

Considering becoming a Catholic

If anyone is considering the possibility of becoming a Catholic and coming into full communion with the church do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or Deacon Thomas. Fr. David.


(Weekend 2nd/3rd September)

LED BY THE Spirit Phase 2 – Consultation on our Diocesan Resources

By visiting or through the diocesan website you can learn much about our diocesan resources. For example, in section 4 you may be surprised at how many Churches we have, where they all are and how often Sunday Mass is celebrated. Meanwhile section 4 reveals the demographics of our priests who are currently serving in parishes.

Cille Choirill Mass

Cille Choirill – last summer mass to be celebrated on Sunday 17th September, 3pm.

Fr. Walter

As most of you now know Fr. Walter will be coming to the parishes of St. John’s Caol, and St. Mary’s and St. Finnan, Glenfinnan on Friday the 27th of October. It is hoped that by that time the parish house in Caol will be vacant, and Fr. Walter will stay there for the foreseeable future. This is quite a change for all of us. I will no longer be your parish priest. Fr. Walter will be in charge of both Caol and Glenfinnan, The Bishop has asked that the mass times at the weekend do not change as he would like in the case of illness or holidays that the parishes can still be served by one priest. Fr. Walter will need help from you the parishioners to give him time to settle in and make the house comfortable for him. Nearer the time we will be asking for help from the community, please if you can do your best to help us and Fr. Walter to settle into Lochaber, so that his time here may be fruitful.

Fr. David Connor, P.P.