Newsletter for the 19th B

Parish Finance in Lockdown Crisis

Many thanks to all who have handed in envelopes and donations during lockdown. It has made a great difference to the finances of the different parishes. Could you please continue to post your donations through the door of St. Mary’s Chapel house, Many thanks indeed.


Masses for next week

There will be no masses on Monday and Saturday morning of next week. The morning masses are as follows. There will be mass on Tuesday and Thursday, St. John’s Caol 10am, St. Mary’s, 10.15am Wednesday. The weekend will be as usual. Vigil 6pm St. Mary’s, Sunday morning 10am, St. John’s Caol, and 11.15am in St. Mary’s, Glenfinnan, there will be mass on the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s of the month, till further notice.


Streaming of masses

For those still unable to attend mass, we will continue to stream mass on “Friends of St. Mary’s” Facebook site.


Margaret Mulrooney, Duncan Macdonald, Muriel Armstrong, Mathais Slattery, Joan Rucinski, Jimmy Donaldson, Mary Macpherson, Kathleen Macartney, Mary Flora Macauley, Anne Brash, Alex Mitchell, Elsie Shillinglaw, Fr. Donald Mackay, Anne Gillies, Sheena Cameron, Esther Mceleney, Peter Docherty, Isobel Macelan, Stephanie Miller, John Gilles, Catherine Mcguigan, Harris Ross.

Sick Visits

We have resumed our home visits to the sick and housebound this week. Please inform us if there is anyone who is unable to get to mass and would like a visit.

St. Mary’s New Fence Walkway

A huge thank you to those who supplied the material and the labour for the new fence in St. Mary’s. This will a great help to everyone especially underfoot in the winter.


There will be confessions in St. Mary’s every Saturday evening before the Vigil Mass from 5.15pm to 5.45 pm. And on request at any other time.

St. John’s Caol

We have ordered new vestments recently for St. John’s to replace the old ones which were starting to look a bit weathered. We expect to receive them within the next two weeks.

We thank Francis for his continued work in the parish grounds in St. John’s. There are a few jobs that are needing done round the church. It is proposed that we get a working group together to help with the maintenance. We will start this work on Saturday the 14th of August from 9-12am. Please come along if you can help.

Recent Deaths

It is with great sadness we announce the deaths of two very good parishioners. Sandra Howieson, and Jean McAllister, to both families we assure them of our love and prayers at this time.

Jean’s Requiem Mass will be in St. Mary’s at 11am on Thursday the 12th of August.

Sandra’s Requiem Mass will be in St. Mary’s at 11am on Friday the 13th of August at 11am.

There will be a mass in thanksgiving for the life of Patrick Macpherson. This will take place in St. Mary’s on Friday the 13th of August at 7pm, all are welcome.


Those children who do not attend St. Columba’s and are due to receive the sacraments, that is Primary Four and above, please get in touch with     Fr. David.

New Church Members

Recently there have been a number of enquiries from people wishing to join the church. Please feel free to approach Fr. David, or Deacon Thomas.