Newsletter for the 15th Sunday A

Masses for next week

·         Monday: No mass

·         Tuesday: 10:00 am mass at St. John’s Caol

·         Wednesday: 10.15am mass at St. Mary’s

·         Thursday:10am mass at St. John’s Caol  

·         Friday: mass which is the Requiem Mass for Bob Lucas

·         Saturday: The Vigil at St. Mary’s at 6pm

·         Sunday: St. John’s at 10am, St. Mary’s at 11.15am and Glenfinnan there will mass on the first and third Sunday’s, 1.30pm.














Donald Gillies, Neil Cameron, Margaret MacDonald, Francis John Timbrell, Bill Muir,  Duncan MacMaster, Roderick Macdonald, Donnie Wynne, Mary Macdonald, Michael Lopez,               Lena Canavan, Tony Swainson.

Visitors to Lochaber

We give a warm Lochaber welcome to those who are visiting us from all different parts of the world and pray that your time with us is refreshing and joyful.

Bob Lucas R.I.P.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Bob Lucas. Bob was an integral part of the parish and will be missed greatly. To his family we offer our love and prayers at this time.

Transport to Mass

A number of people have mentioned to me that they cannot get to mass because they have no one to take them. If anyone is in this position, please get in touch with myself or Deacon Thomas, and we will arrange a lift. Fr. David.

Considering becoming a Catholic

If anyone is considering the possibility of becoming a Catholic and coming into full communion with the church do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or Deacon Thomas. Fr. David.


Led by the Spirit: Collated Document from Phase 1

Thank you to everyone who participated during the Consultation Phase 1. The responses from parishes have now been collated into a single document. It is interesting and uplifting to read the comments from all over the diocese from laity and clergy as we discern together God’s call for us today. It is a real expression of faith and hope. Please read the document prayerfully – alone or with others – noting which statements attracts or challenges you and ask where the Spirit is moving. The document can be read at

Phase 2 – Our Diocesan Resources -will begin during August.

Fr. David Holidays

I will be away from the parishes for a week, from Saturday the 22nd of July till Saturday the 29th of July. We welcome Fr. Sandy and give thanks for his ministry and helping us out.